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Two-Way Satellite Internet with skyDSL

With the two-way Internet access via skyDSL you can be totally independent of a terrestrial or mobile phone connection for fast satellite Internet. The data will be sent and received via satellite. There is no additional Internet connections, so no additional telephone charges.

All you need is a satellite antenna with integrated transmitter and receiver module and a modem. You can buy or rent the complete package, including all necessary hardware, from Aruspex skyDSL.

And this is how it works:

  1. The user enters a Web address, such as www.skydsl.net, in his browser window. The data request is encrypted on the modem and transformed to the satellite via satellite antenna.
  2. From the satellite, the data request sent to the ground station.
  3. The ground station will collect the required data from the Internet and sends it back to the satellite.
  4. The satellite transmits the data to the user: from the satellite dish takes over the modem, where they are decrypted directly to the web browser.
Fast surfing with the two-way satellite Internet of skyDSL, works as simple as this!